Mesoestetic Stem Cell Growth Factor 50ml


Regenerative cream that combines the action of plant stem cells extract with that of growth factors to achieve skin restructuration from inside the cell. Growth factors are small fragments of biologically active proteins that belong to the cytokine group.

These are key elements to intercellular communication and external control of cell reproduction mechanisms. They can attract and guide the cells at the site where they are needed, and are involved in the generation of new cells by cell division.


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Clock twice a day, morning and evening.

Apply to the face, neck and bust area morning and night using a gentle circular massage until the product is completely absorbed.



Combat moderately advanced signs of ageing on face, neck and décolleté caused by the slowdown in the processes of cellular renewal leading to the appearance of deep wrinkles and the loss of the skin’s mechanical and elastic properties.



  • Cromanol
  • Plant stem cell extract
  • palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7


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